Addiction & Recovery

Addiction & Recovery

Recovery from addiction is so much more than just the detoxing process, which only addresses of the physical recovery from substances. Therapy looks at the mental and emotional needs of an individual as they recover. Drugs and alcohol are often used to self-medicate or to ‘cope’ with difficult situations and emotions, there are often many emotions and thoughts to unpack and process after the substances are out of the person’s body. Therapy can help put those pieces back together, and help the individual address their challenges, allowing them to function successfully in life again.

Ongoing therapy is also helping in avoiding lapses/relapse. There are many social situations or psychological issues that can play a role in triggering a relapse. Individual therapy can address many of these triggers.

It is also important to note that addiction does not have to incude a ‘substance’ and other addictions that we often treat are things such as:
  – Pornography addiction
  – Gambling
  – Sex addiction
  – Internet, cellphone & video game addictions
  – and more.

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