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I realized I am a bit of a Neuroscience nerd and the area of Neuroplasticity intrigued me greatly! I was fortunate enough to attend some seminars from some of the leading professionals in the area and found a number of helpful tools and strategies that can be applied to coping with many mental health concerns. Currently I utilize two specific devices for Neurofeedback.

One of these devices is a portable biofeedback device to help you calm down, combat stress, or fight panic attacks. It can help you achieve certain goals such as relaxation, or awareness of your heart rate and breathing. This is based on what they call “the coherence breakthrough” which seems to just be an awareness of what is going on with your body.

The other device I use is a brain-sensing headband that accurately monitors and measures your brainwaves.

Your brain is constantly generating electrical signals. These signals can be detected from outside your head, via electroencephalography (EEG) sensors. Doctors and scientists have used this technology for more than 100 years to study the brain.

This technology has seven EEG sensors that pick up the electrical activity of your brain while you meditate. The app then quickly analyzes this data, and determines whether your mind is relaxed or active. It then provides you with instant feedback through your mobile phone.

The feedback comes in the form of auditory weather sounds. When you’re calm and focused, you’ll hear sounds of peaceful weather through your phone, such as gentle waves and chirping birds. But when your mind is wandering, the weather will become more turbulent and you’ll hear loud wind and crashing waves, reminding you to relax and refocus.

After each session, the app will display the percentage of time you spent in a calm, neutral or active state of mind.

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