Private Practice Coaching

Private Practice Coaching


Are you wondering which course to do to become a counsellor or psychotherapist?
Are you just starting out in private practice?
Are you already in private practice and looking to grow your practice?
Are you wondering how to attract your ideal client niche?
Are you looking to build a practice that suits your work and home life?
Are you wondering about how to build a home office private practice?
Are you seeking guidance re networking and referral sources?
Are you needing help setting up your client contract and social media documents?
Are you seeking guidance to navigate social media and the world of online marking?
Are you ready to share your gifts, talents and expertise with your ideal client niche?

Sage’s private practice coaching service is a business coaching program that specializes in helping Canadian therapists launch a profitable private therapy practice. Our Private practice coaching assists therapists to:

  • Develop the foundations of a solid business, with practical coaching
  • Learn the ins and outs of running a therapy practice, from a team of experienced therapists and fellow business owners
  • Build a business to match your lifestyle
  • Serve the people you most want to help
  • Create a career infused with passion and purpose
  • Gain the clarity and confidence to become the kind of therapist you always wanted to be


Allow us to come along and help you focus your very valuable time and energy on what really matters:

  • Creating more time for the rest of your life
  • Streamlining so you have more ease in your life
  • Learning when to say NO so you have space for what you love
  • Knowing when and how to expand without burning out


Contact us for more information on either starting your private practice or enhancing your current practice!

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